Birdcage Scaffolding

A birdcage scaffold, also known as an independent scaffold, consist of more than two rows of standards (poles), connected by ledgers and transoms (horizontal pieces) at every lift height. The top lift is boarded to form the access platform for work on ceilings and soffits, allowing for light fixing, and access to ventilation points and sprinklers. Birdcage scaffolding can be erected to more than one lift height, both indoors and outdoors.

Our birdcage scaffold is built to be robust and sturdy so you and your tradesmen can work safely around ceilings, walls, floors on platforms and scaffold stairs. We take stringent risk control measures to ensure quality work platforms and peace of mind.

Village Cinemas and Casey Secondary College are just a couple of our clients who successfully used our birdcage scaffolding solution to meet their construction goals.