01 Oct 2015

Sole boards: our latest commercial project has sole

We used special sole boards scaffolding at the Canadian Bay Club, Mt Eliza.

Sole boards are placed beneath the scaffolding to allow loads to be spread over a greater surface area. Sole boards strengthen the integrity of a scaffold structure in water and provide greater stability overall.

This particular commercial scaffolding project required us to design and execute scaffolding to allow worker access, and be built into water, 3.5 metres below the surface level.

Check out The Broadsheet Restaurant Melbourne scaffolding development before it’s too late

5 June to 2 August, 2015

The Broadsheet Restaurant Melbourne is on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, for a limited time only. You can check out this incredible pop-up, all-day diner, flexible cafe, restaurant and bar, which is serving breakfast through to dinner and drinks, late into the night.

While you’re there, why not check out our scaffolding works helping to hold this delicious establishment up! The restaurant is showcasing Melbourne’t top chefs, restaurants, bartenders and baristas, including Tonka, Coda, Pidapipo, Top Paddock, Monsieur Truffe, Small Batch, Grain Store, Estelle Bistro, The Kettle Black, Philippa Sibley and Huxtable.

Visit The Broadsheet Restaurant Melbourne before they stop cooking, table-setting and close their doors!