Alltrade Scaffolding Safety Management & OH&S Policy

Alltrade Scaffolding is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all persons involved in or affected by its operations and recognizes the responsibilities and requirements placed upon it by occupational health and safety legislation and will adhere to these principles.

We achieve our safety objectives by:

  •  Making safety an integral part of our business activities;
  • Follow a risk management program to identify and control hazards;
  •  Ensure our work team is committed to our goals by providing adequate education,
  •  Training and supervision;
  •  Continuously reviewing the adequacy of our safety management system to ensure it remains effective.
  •  We comply with the VIC Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Allocating sufficient resources, training and support to personnel to understand and fulfill the requirements and procedures contained in the Health and Safety management System;
  •  Defining the duties of personnel who are qualified and responsible for the implementation of the Health and Safety Management System;
  •  To hold accountable and review the performance of these persons for their actions;
  • Communicate and promote safety to personnel;
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Health and Safety management
  • System and enhance it as necessary.

Alltrade Scaffolding has appointed a Safety Coordinator . The safety coordinator is responsible for:

  • Providing site personnel advice, assistance and resources needed for the effective
    implementation of this system;
  • Constant monitoring and reviewing of safe work procedures and requirements and
    reporting to management any deficiencies observed and any corrective action necessary
    to resolve these issues;

Alltrade Scaffolding implements a Risk Management Process for the safety issues for which they owe an obligation.

• Eliminate exposure to the risk by removing the hazard completely.

Alltrade Scaffolding Minimise the risk by:

  • Substituting a less hazardous material, work process or item of equipment.
  • Redesign of the equipment or the work process to make it less hazardous.
  • Isolating a person from the hazard by implementing barriers, guardrail, guarding.
  •  Administrative controls
  • Training and Instruction in safe work procedures.
  • Use of Signs.
  • Use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

To comply with its obligations, Alltrade has developed and maintained Safe Work Method Statements for “high risk construction activities” performed by Alltrade Scaffolding.

All personnel are adequately trained and competent to undertake the scope of works. These competencies will be evaluated by on site supervision as well as formal safety inspection regimes.

The Supervisor and other personnel as part of their visits to site to check the progress of works will also ensure site activities conform with safety standards.